Triton Aspirante Electric Shower

Triton Aspirante Electric Shower
The Triton Aspirante deviates from the standard white plastic electric shower design with a stunning white or black gloss finish. However, like any other electric shower it is still susceptible to problems over its lifetime. But like other electric showers a spare part is often all that’s required to solve most issues.

If your Triton shower is still under warranty we always recommend contacting Triton if you encounter faults with your shower. In most cases they will send out one of their engineers.

Below is a list of common faults and troubleshooting methods for the Triton Aspirante Electric Shower. For a complete list of available spare parts please visit


Start stop button not powering shower down

It could be the front cover PCB- check for burn marks or other signs. Unfortunately there isn't any way to 100% confirm a faulty PCB except to replace it. If the unit is still under warranty we would recommend contacting Triton directly- often they will send out an engineer.
If you want to try replacing the PCB yourself a spare can be purchased online here:

Shower turns on then turns off

It may be a faulty solenoid valve. You can test it if you have access to a multimeter- you should get a reading of at least k3.5 ohms across the two terminals in its failed state. Any less then you need a new solenoid valve.

A replacement solenoid valve can be purchased online from here:

This video is intended as a general guide and does not cover every shower:

If you don't have access to a digital multimeter they can be found in most DIY shops and are also available to purchase online here:

Apart from helping you diagnose your shower they are also really useful for checking other appliances, fuses, and batteries.

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