Triton Ivory 2 Electric Shower

Triton Ivory 2 Electric Shower
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Water too hot

First check that the main valve coming into your house is fully open. Then check that all the other valves to the shower are fully open.

Make sure that the shower head is clean and clear and that the hose isn't kinked. The hose may look fine externally but it may have collapsed internally.

If all these are fine then the flow/stabiliser valve may be faulty. A replacement may be found here:

Stabiliser valve is leaking

The centre of the stabilising valve is known to lean when the temperature dial is used- a replacement stabiliser valve is required if this happens. If the leak is from the outlet TCO then the 'O' ring there might be faulty- in this case the outlet pipe should be replaced.

A replacement stabiliser valve or outlet pipe can be purchased from here: