Triton Opal II Electric Shower

Triton Opal II Electric Shower
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How can I descale the shower?

If it is only the head that needs cleared then ScaleClear will do the job. ScaleClear can be purchased from here:
However there are no internal components inside the main unit that you can safely remove scale from.

Shower shuts off after a few minutes

It may be a faulty solenoid valve. If you have access to a multimeter you can test it: you should have a reading of at least k3.5 ohms across the two terminals while in its failed state.

If there is power getting to the solenoid and it's not operating correctly then you have a faulty solenoid.

A spare solenoid can be purchased from here:

This video is intended as a general guide and does not cover every shower:

If you don't have access to a multimeter you can find a quality one here:

Aside from helping to diagnose your shower they are useful for checking other appliances, fuses and batteries.

How can I identify the rating of my shower?

The power rating is normally on a label stuck to the underside of the shower or a label inside of the shower. If these are missing then you can find the rating stamped on to the top of the heating tank- however this can be difficult to see.

Shower will not switch off

If the shower keeps running when you turn it off at the main isolator switch then it could be a faulty solenoid.
When you switch the shower off at the main isolator and the water stops running then it may be a faulty on/off switch, PCB or a micro switch that is sticking on.

Water leaking out of the pressure relief device

The pressure relief device (PRD) is a safety device usually found on the bottom or side of heating tank or outlet pipe. Although it's fairly easy to replace there's usually something that causes it to blow.

Often it is a kink in the hose or a blocked shower head so check these before fitting a new PRD.

A spare pressure relief device can be found here: