Triton T80si Pumped Electric Shower

Triton T80si Electric Shower
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Water leaving from the pressure relief device

The pressure relief device is a safety device on the bottom of the heating tank or outlet pipe.

Although it's fairly easy to replace there is usually something that has caused it to blow. Often this is caused by a kinked hose or a blocked shower head so check for any obstruction of water flow before fitting a new PRD.

A spare pressure relief device may be purchased online from here:

This video is intended as a general guide for replacing the pressure relief device:

Turning on the shower trips the main fuse

It may be a faulty element in the heating tank- there are two and up to 3 in a 10kW shower. If you have access to a multimeter you should have a get a reading between 12 and 18 ohms.
If you have power to the elements and no heat it's likely the elements. If there is no power to the elements then it is likely a micro switch.
This video help:
If you don't have access to a multimeter you can purchase one online here:
Apart from helping you diagnose your shower they are really useful for checking other appliances, fuses and batteries.