Triton T80xr Electric Shower

Triton T80xr Electric Shower

The Triton T80xr Electric Shower is no longer available as a new unit but its spare parts are still widely available from Electric showers like any other home appliance can develop faults. Whether the shower is running too cold, hot or not at all a replacement part is often enough to cure the problem.

Below is a list of common faults and troubleshooting methods for the Triton T80xr Electric Shower. For a complete list of available spare parts please visit


Dripping when the shower is switched off

It sounds like the solenoid/stabiliser valve is not closing properly and needs to be replaced. A spare solenoid/stabiliser valve can be found here:

Shower doesn’t turn off

If the flowing water is cold after turning off the power then it may be a faulty solenoid valve. You can test the solenoid valve using a multimeter. There should be a reading of 3.5 kOhms across the two terminals. Any less then it needs replaced. Make sure to test the solenoid valve in the failed state.

This video is intended as a general guide and does not cover every shower:

If you don't have access to a multimeter one can be found here:

As well as helping you diagnose your shower they are really useful for checking other appliances, fuses and remaining power in batteries.

Water leaking from showerhead and overflow

The pressure relief device has likely blown. It is a safety device on the bottom of the heating tank or outlet pipe. Although it is fairly easy to replace there is usually a reason it has blown. Before fitting a new PRD check that the hose isn't kinked and that the showerhead isn't blocked.

A replacement pressure relief device may be found here:

Below is a general video about replacing the outlet pipe PRD:

Shower randomly cuts out

This may be caused by a faulty element in the heating tank. You can test them using a multimeter- you should have a reading between 12 and 18 ohms.

If you have power to the elements and no heat it's likely the elements; if there's no power to the elements then it's likely the microswitch.

A spare heating tanks and microswitches for the T80xr can be found here:

Upgrading the heater can

It is not possible to upgrade the heater can of an electric shower- the internal wiring is too different. If the cable can take the extra current then it is safer to replace it with a higher kilowatt unit. A huge selection of new electric showers can be found here:

Cold water leaking from the stabiliser valve

The stabiliser valve has likely become faulty. A replacement can be found here:

Leaking water near the solenoid

There is an "O" Ring seal that could be replaced. All available T80xr spare parts may be found here:

Water too hot

First check that the main water valve into the house is fully open. Then check any additional valves leading up to your shower. If these valves are not fully open then there may not be enough water getting to your shower. This will trigger the overheat safety device to turn off power until it cools. Then it all starts again.

Make sure that the shower head is clean and the hose isn't kinked. Try to to check the inside of the hose- it may look fine on the outside but it may have collapsed internally.

Another possibility is a faulty flow/stabilizer valve not allowing the correct amount of water into the shower. A rough check is to remove the shower head, set the temperature control to fully hot and take note of the amount of water flow. Then turn the shower to fully cold. If there isn't a big difference between the two flows then you may have a faulty flow valve. A spare flow valve may be found here:

Shower cuts out after a few minutes

This may be caused by a faulty solenoid valve. You can test it using a multimeter: you should get a reading of at least 3.5 kOhms across the two terminals in its failed state. Any less and you need a new valve which can be found here:
This video is intended as a rough guide and does not cover every shower.

If you don't have access to a multimeter one can be found here: Apart from helping you to test your solenoid valve they are useful for checking other appliances, fuses and letting you know how much power you have left in batteries- well worth a few pounds.

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